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  • Mon 13th Nov

    What Does The Clock Say? (Mr De Zilva)

    Recently, we have been learning about Time in maths. The prep focus has been on days of the week and ordering events while the grade ones have been exploring clocks and reading to the hour/half hour. We made a music video to share what we've learnt so far. Happy Watching!

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  • Wed 8th Nov

    ARRAY CITIES! (Mr De Zilva)

    We've been learning about Making and Sharing groups. To finish off this topic, we made array cities. To build our array cities we needed to use coloured paper to make buildings. We used little squares for the windows and these little squares also formed our arrays. At the end of the activity, we shared our arrays with the class and described them as rows and columns, groups of and as multiplication. E.g. (4 rows of 3 = 12) (4 groups of 3 is 12) and (4x3=12).




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  • Mon 23rd Oct

    INFLATABLE FUN! (Mr De Zilva)

    Last Tuesday at the swimming pool, everyone had a chance to have a turn on the humungous, bouncy inflatable! Teachers and parents threw buckets of water at us while we attempted to complete the inflatable obstacle course. Some of the obstacles were easy, but others were quite tricky! We all enjoyed the challenge of completing the inflatable obstacle course and can't wait to try it again next year!




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  • Thu 12th Oct

    Swimming! (Mr De Zilva)

    Our first week of swimming has been lots of fun and full of learning!

    Here's what students in our class have to say about swimming!

    "I love doing torpedoes!" - Oscar T

    "I like going in the deep end!" - Jaxson 

    "Diving into a torpedo is fun!" - Ali

    "I like floating on my back" - Tylah

    "I like doing the starfish!" - Sophie

    "My favourite thing is jumping into the deep end!" - Oscar E

    "I like trying to fetch the sinking toys" - Emanuel

    "Bubble and Breathe!" - Isabelle G

    "It's fun trying to get the sinking toys!" - Jake

    "I like using the noodles to swim to the deep end!" - Mitchell

    "I like learning to swim under the water by myself!" - Ruby

    "It's fun trying to tread water!" - Isabelle M

    "I like doing different kinds of swimming!" - Ethan

    "I enjoyed swimming like a frog!" - Axel

    "My favourite part of swimming was jumping into the deep end and swimming by myself!" - Charlotte

    "I like doing underwater torpedoes!" - Ava

    "Floating on my back was pretty fun!" - Bryce

    "I used the noodle to float on my back and my belly!" - Jett

    "I'm really good at floating on my back! You just need to RELAX!" - Jensen




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  • Thu 12th Oct

    Warrook Farm Excursion! (Mr De Zilva)

    On Tuesday the 19th September, P/1 JDZ visited Warrook Farm! Everyone was excited for the excursion and ready to have lots of fun! We went on a wagon ride, we got to see the sheep dog "Rocky" round up the sheep, we learnt how to shear a sheep, we all got to milk "Daisy" the cow, we fed the kangaroos, calves and goats and we also saw lots of other animals such as horses, birds, camels, emus, wombats and koalas in their enclosures. We all had a fantastic time at the farm and learnt lots about where some of our food and clothing comes from!


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  • Wed 9th Aug

    Our visit from Harold the Giraffe! (Mr De Zilva)

    On Monday, we were lucky enough to go and visit Harold the Giraffe in the Life Education Van. Everyone was very excited to meet Harold! He encouraged us to make safer and healthier choices. We learnt about the benefits of healthy eating, physical activity, strategies to stay safe, and how our body reacts in different situations. We had a great time participating in all the activities Susan and Harold had planned for us! 


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  • Tue 8th Aug

    100 Days of School! (Mr De Zilva)

    Last week, the preps celebrated 100 days of school! What a wonderful achievement for our preps! A big thank you to our grade ones who have been outstanding role models and helpers for the preps, supporting them in making their first 100 days full of fun and fantastic learning experiences!


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  • Tue 6th Jun

    Assembly Item (Mr De Zilva)

    Last week we presented our video to the whole school at assembly to share something we have been learning about. We made our video on Fiction and Non-fiction books. We wanted to tell everyone what the difference is between fiction and non-fiction and share with you some examples of this. We hope you like it!




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  • Mon 29th May

    Book Week! (Mr De Zilva)

    Book Week was lots of fun! We had a great time dressing up for the book parade on Wednesday and enjoyed the company of lots of parents, grandparents and special friends. We can't wait for all the new books in the Library from a very successful Book Fair!


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