Grade 2DM

Class 2DM

CAFE • Writing • Maths

Grade 2

We are a great bunch of kids that enjoy learning. We like challenges, new things and creating new links.


There are 24 students in our grade. We work in groups for Maths and CAFE and we enjoy hands on learning tasks.

  • Wednesday 20th December (Mrs. Macreadie)

    Playing with dry ice

  • Thursday 14th December (Mrs. Macreadie)

    Getting into the Christmas spirit. 

  • Friday 24th November (Mrs. Macreadie)

    Today we are making wizz fizz 

    we are making a chemical reaction 

    what did you learn?


  • Wednesday 18th October (Mrs. Macreadie)

    This week was the final week of swimming.

    Owen really loved the inflatable at swimming, the best part was when I went through the two "eye type" holes and being splashed as well. Tayah liked todays lesson in swimming when she had to go across the "seaweed" because it felt ticklish.

    Mrs. Brenner emailed 3 different types of playgrounds for us to choose from. Our grades favourite option 3. It was Rubi's favourite because she thought it was a good combination of the first 2 options.

    We've been learning division. Xander and James say its sharing a big number in to smaller groups.  Ella says its part of the multiplication family and they relate to each other.


    We need to have our hats, remember our school colours as part of our uniform, its really important to bring sunscreen but especially drink bottles filled with water only. Mrs Mac, will be giving us dojo points for water bottles and then also for drinking water throughout the day!


  • Wednesday 11th October (Mrs. Macreadie)


    Read this! This week we have had the best time at swimming. In Owen's group, they have been learning how to do torpedoes. Ella B says that to do a good torpedo, you need to have your hands above your head with your hands together like a rocket and your arms beside your ears. Jack says that you need to kick hard, otherwise you won't go very fast!

    We were learning how to do cannon balls, we made a big splash, before sinking to the bottom and coming back to the surface. (Dayne, Tayah and James)

    In Xanders group which has Lachlan and Tate in too, were learning backstroke, they prefer this stroke because they don't have to put their head under the water.

    One new way that we have lea that we have been working on is breaststroke, you have to kick your legs like a frog when it is swimming (Stuart, Evie, Izobel, Dylan, Luke)

    We were really excited about swimming this week, but we're feeling really exhausted - but we're looking forward to doing more swimming.


  • Thursday 13th July (Mrs. Macreadie)

    I hope that you are all having lots of fun during the holidays. We spent some time in the first week exploring the Redwood Forest in East Warburton. The trees are absolutely huge and tower well above most of the trees around them. You could play a great game of hide and seek there. Meandering through, there were art works people had built that looked like dinosaur nests! Further past the forest, the Yarra River, Yes the one that goes through Melbourne, was gurgling washing and gushing over the rocks.

    This was just on one day, can you tell me what you did and don't forget the WOW words!

  • Monday 29th May (Mrs. Macreadie)

    In CAFE we have been looking at "Room on the Broom" this week

    What questions did the text make you think of?


    We are learning about mass, which is how heavy something is.

    What is something that is heavier than your lunchbox and lighter than your lunchbox


    Where do we live? What man made and natural resources are around your place?