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Welcome to 1/2 JD!

  • Mon 18th Dec

    Monday 18th December (Mrs. Dyt)

    Hello everyone!

    We have had a great week and this will be our last blog for the year. 

    Congratulations to Bethy for Student of the Week and to 1/2 JD for winning the Marble Competition for term 4!  We have worked very hard to listen and behave well in Art, PE, Lote and ICT. We will have an icy pole at lunchtime as our reward. 

    We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and i look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!

    Mrs Dyt and Wendy

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  • Fri 3rd Nov

    Friday 3rd November (Mrs. Dyt)

    We have had a busy week! 

    Happy Birthday to Hunter and Brody ! We hope you had great time!

    Welcome back Brody with your cutest moonboot ever!

    Congratulations Aston for your Student of the Week for greatly improving in his writing!

    This week we have been looking at time including how to make clocks. We have been making times of the day with our digital and analogue clocks to o'clock, half past and quarter past.

    We have loved reading Wombat Stew this week and have been reading with great expression.

    In Science we we have been learning about the air around us and have done so experiments about it.

    We are finishing off our Explanation writing. 

    Tuesday is a day off for Cup Day and we are looking forward to our Mini Fete coming up!

    Have a great weekend! 

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  • Fri 2nd Jun

    Friday 2nd June (Mrs. Dyt)

    This is us! Have a great weekend!

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