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 Warrook Farm

If you want to know how

To milk a cow

Just ask Jake

He gave it a shake

To feed a calf

Made Summer and Baylie laugh

The same with Liam and Lawrie




Seline gave the food 

To a kangaroo

We sat on the bus

Two by Two

Emily and Sam

Think it was really cool

But we didn't want to 

Go back to school


  • Friday 27th October (Ms. Harris)

    This week we found out how bees make honey.

    They get nectar from flowers. Then they put it into their honey stomachs. They break it down to two sugars called fructose and glucose.They fly to the hive and they spit the honey back into the cells. They put a wax layer over it. The bee keeper uses a smoke gun to calm the bees and then they take out the honeycomb and scrape the honey into jars and then it is taken to a factory and to the shops.

    Honey can be put on toast and on porridge.It is yummy but it is okay if you don't like it.

  • Monday 29th May (Ms. Harris)

    This is my very first blog for our grade. We have been working on measuring and I am so proud of the way we have been working out how to measure the capacity of a container. I noticed that we could say how full a container was. We have been talking about litres and how liquids are measured. smiley

  • Friday 3rd November (Ms. Harris)

    Yum Yum! We are collecting lollies for our "Guess the lollies in a jar" competition that we are running on the day of the Mini Fete. If you could donate a small bag of wrapped lollies to put in our class jar it would be greatly appreciated. smiley

    On the day there will be lots of fun things to do so we hope that you can support our grade do its part. We will make  a sign for our stall in class soon. If you make a correct guess for the amount that is in the jar the lollies are all yours! From Grade 1/2 LH